WordPress or Squarespace

WordPress or Squarespace

WordPress or Squarespace? This is a question that a lot of people ask.

In my opinion, pick a platform that meets your needs and you are able to use without overwhelm. I started with Blogger (after trying out Wix and Weebly) and switched to WordPress about a month later. Why did I switch to WordPress? Simply because almost every blogger or website owner recommended it.

WordPress is a wonderful platform.It is versatile and you can do so many things with it but it is not for everyone. I like WordPress but I love, love and love Squarespace. When it comes to website platforms, there is no one size fits all. Each platform has its pros and cons.

Why Choose Squarespace over WordPress?

Squarespace is for you if

  1. You want to concentrate on your blog or business without having to worry about website maintenance (updates and plugins). This means more time for your business and other things.

    With WordPress, you have to be careful with what plugins you use. If you get hacked, you sort it out.

  2. You can’t code and are looking for a website platform that is user-friendly. It is easier to use than WordPress and saves you a lot of time.

    You don’t have to know how to code to use WordPress but it is time consuming when you are just getting started. You have to make sure you choose plugins that are compatible or your website’s functionality will be affected.

  3. You want a beautiful and clean DIY website. Squarespace has blocks that you can easily drag and drop to create the kind of look you want for your website. How creative are you? You can do so much with the platform.

    Squarespace has beautiful templates to pick from. Squarespace templates are free.

    WordPress has free and premium templates (themes). However, it is advisable to use premium themes because they are frequently updated.

  4. You need great customer support. Squarespace has a live chat option which you can easily access and your problem is sorted without wasting so much time.

    WordPress has no live chat support but there is a lot of information out there about WordPress on any problem. However, searching for answers on google can be time consuming.

  5. Squarespace recently introduced email marketing which makes it an all in one (domain,hosting, analytics and email marketing) platform.

I want to stress the point that you are more productive when you are using a platform you are comfortable with. Choose a platform you are comfortable with, not because of its popularity.

I love Squarespace because it is easy to use and saves me a lot of time. Time is everything. Squarespace is great for busy bloggers and entrepreneurs who want something simple, beautiful and user-friendly.

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