How to make an e-book using Canva

How to make an e-book using Canva

Bloggers and online entrepreneurs know that offering a free e-book or  email course is a great way to get people to subscribe to your blog. Well, I don't mind a good freebie.

Actually, I have subscribed to blogs in the past just to get a free e-book on a topic I was interested in. Whether tech savvy or not you can still create your e-book in Canva which is a DIY web-based graphic design tool. 

Let's get started!


Step 1: Pick a topic


Decide on what you are going to write about. It has to be irresistible enough to make someone want to subscribe. Plan and give it your best. Is your eBook helping someone (solving a problem)? Type it in word or google docs. 

Step 2: Sign up/Sign in

If you don't have an account with Canva you need to sign up. Go to and sign up.

Step 3: Pick a template

You can use an e-book, A4 or magazine template depending on your preference. It doesn't really matter unless you plan to sell it on Amazon Kindle. 


create design in canva

Tap on the plus sign to check out more templates.

magazine template
ebook template

Step 4: Customize the template

Let's pick A4.  You have a blank page. You can either customize the templates on your left or create your cover page from scratch. After you are done click on add page. Style the page and click duplicate which is below the page number to create a consistent look. You can only create 30 pages.

Step 5: Download

Choose PDF standard or PDF for print if you would like to print. InDesign is recommended if you would love to print your e-book.

I would love to see what you made. Feel free to share your work in the comments.

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