How to build your Instagram for your blog and business

How to build your Instagram for your blog and business

Instagram has become a dominant social media platform that allows bloggers and their audience to connect, form a new following, and help bloggers build their business. To help bloggers promote themselves on Instagram here are 12 tips to help grow your Instagram presence. 

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  1. Create an Instagram account if you don't have one set up.

    Instagram is now a leading platform connecting audiences with businesses. In the case of the blogger, Instagram is the leading way to build your brand and connect with your audience. 

    If you don't have  Instagram, go ahead and create one. If you already have one, use the following tips to help you grow organically and truly build your following on Instagram.  

  2. Add a great bio and link to your blog.

    With Instagram, everything is communicated with images. Links are not allowed when posting. So to help drive people to your blog make sure to include a link to your site in the bio. In addition to including your blog in the bio at the top of your page, also take the time to let your current followers know about your Instagram feed. Embed links in your email alerts, Facebook posts, and other platforms you use to communicate with your audience. 

  3. Post quality, relevant, and shareable content.

    The visual story you are creating should give followers and new viewers an instant snapshot about who and what you are. Provide your followers with images and content that is of high quality. Using an iPhone and some apps can really change the images you present to be consistent with your branding. You also want to make sure that the content you are sharing is relevant to the audience you want to connect with and grow with. 

  4. Screen capture your blog posts, add descriptions and use relevant hashtags.

    Taking a screenshot of your blog post and using a layout app is a great way to communicate to your followers what your newest posts are when they head over to your blog. You can also update the link in your bio to be your newest blog post for your followers to click to access your blog content. 

  5. Follow, like, and comment on other content similar to your own.

    Start to engage and work with fellow bloggers that are like you and part of the niche of people you are appealing to. Take important Instagram lessons from your fellow bloggers about the images they are creating and posting, how they are interacting with their followers, and the hashtags they are using to help funnel people towards their page. 

  6. Share behind the scenes stuff. Everyone loves that kind of stuff!

    Lift the curtain and pull back the veil! Show what everyday life is like as a blogger and business owner. So many people are interested in what goes on to create the “real” images we see posts regularly.

  7. Develop a unique theme or style for your Instagram posts.

    Just as you created a brand for your blog, create a brand of images for your Instagram. There should be consistency in the images you are posting and a theme or filter keeping your posts cohesive.

    Here are some great tips and examples to help inspire your branding with 10 Creative Brands to Inspire Your Instagram Business Strategy from Later.

  8. Create excitement, hype, and buzz, let your followers know that something BIG is coming. Like an amazing new article on your blog, or video post.

    Tease new blog posts or new things you are launching at your blog. Create a time sensitivity to apply pressure for people to view your blog. 

    Magnet for Bloggers advises “A great way to start creating excitement, hype, and buzz around your new 'thing' on Instagram, whatever that thing might be, is to tease your audience. Let them know that something BIG is coming, take a photo of what you're working on, create a custom banner poster with some cool text overlay, or create a teaser video even. Or, maybe you've got an event coming up, a Facebook Live Q&A Session, or a webinar. Just Instagram it!”

  9. Be consistent.

    If you really want to make a difference in your following, you need to be consistent. Anything that requires big change needs daily repetition. To help you post and track your posts, use a social media content planner to help you build long term posting plans to track your content while working to increase your engagement. 

  10. Provide nothing but amazing value.

    Go beyond just posting the pretty lunch or a nice looking cup of coffee. You want to share something of value to your followers. Highlight content you are sharing from your blog, but also something your followers can use or gain from. Keep giving your followers something they can keep coming back to. 

  11. Promote posts using Instagram Ads, maybe.

    When you are ready to take things to the next level, you can use Instagram’s Ad to help your feed and blog to be viewed. This is a paid-for service, but it might be the last thing you can do to continue to build a following. 

  12. Install the Instagram Feed Pro Plug-in

    Don't forget to link your Instagram to your blog. Your blog traffic will also be able to see your Instagram feed on your site, so they don’t lose track of what you are posting and when!

Here are some great resources to learn more about using Instagram to build your blog and business. Here is The Ultimate Guide To Growing Your Online Business using Instagram over on Foundr. And a second great resource is How To Really Promote Your Blog On Instagram (Video) on Magnet for Blogging.

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