How to avoid burnout as blogger or business owner

How to avoid burnout as blogger or business owner

Blogger burnout is real. When your business or blog is in its early stage, chances are you have no assistant and you do everything yourself. You are bootstrapped. Hiring might not even be an option.

This means you are a business owner, salesperson, graphic designer, and social media manager. So you are overwhelmed and burnout is almost inevitable.

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How do you avoid burnout as a blogger or business owner?


Come up with monthly and weekly schedules. Plan your week by setting goals you want to achieve that week. I usually focus on 3 tasks (1 big task and 2 smaller tasks) every day. This helps me not to stress.

I have experienced burnout before, twice. I was trying to do everything under the sun. I felt like Superman had nothing on me. After the second burnout , I knew I needed to create a schedule.

Learn to batch

Content batching is simply creating content in advance. Take advantage of the days when your creative juices are flowing. We all experience days when the mind just refuses to co-operate. When creative block gets real and you decide to take a walk but it still refuses to go away, you know need a break.

Content batching involves planning out and creating content like your blog posts and social media posts in advance. The content is then scheduled to publish at a later date.


You can automate your social media . Almost every social media platform has a scheduling tool. Facebook has an inbuilt scheduler which makes it easier to schedule posts within the platform.

There are a number of social media scheduling tools out there and you just have to pick one that fits your budget and you are comfortable using.

You can schedule your content for the whole month and concentrate on other aspects of your business.

Rest when tired

This definitely sounds like cliche . I know. But truth is sometimes even when we know we need to take a break, we don’t. Take that break gal. Take a nap and only get back to work when well rested.

‘You can’t pour from an empty cup’

Hire an assistant if you can

Get an assistant if you can. It doesn’t have to be full time. You can choose to outsource only the stuff that stresses you.

This serves two purposes - you’ll not be overwhelmed and you’ll focus on the parts of your business that you enjoy. By doing so. you create time to grow your business or blog.

Avoid comparison

They say comparison is the thief of joy. Don’t compare yourself to others that are able to put out content daily. You have no idea how they do it .

Set realistic goals and work towards achieving them. Blogging is easier when you set your own realistic goals and stick to them.

We are built differently and because of that, we work differently. Embrace your style.

Have you been experiencing burnout? This is the time to take a break to rest and come up with a plan of how to balance work and your life.

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Ndanji Mtambo

Ndanji Mtambo