Benefits of using cloud storage

Benefits of using cloud storage

I had a bit of a hiccup last month. My phone and laptop got stolen right from my bedside. I'm literally just recovering.

You can imagine the shock of opening my eyes and finding someone by my bedside. I lost stuff I had saved for over 3 years.

Earlier that week I was planning on saving some of my files in a cloud but procrastination got the best of me.Instead of whining about what happened I decided to write a post about the benefits of using cloud storage.

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Cloud Storage

 Cloud Storage is simply the storage of files online.

Examples of Cloud Storage Services

  1. Google Drive

  2. DropBox

  3. OneDrive

I am currently using Google Drive and recently signed up for DropBox. Google Drive is free up to 15GB. DropBox has a basic plan of up to 2GB free storage while OneDrive offers 5GB of free storage space. Of course, Google Drive is the best option here.

3 Benefits of using cloud storage

  1. Convenience.You can access files from any location and on any device.

  2. Can be used as a backup for important documents.

  3. Good for collaboration for workmates.Team members can easily share and edit documents.

 By the way I typed this in Google Docs (Google Drive).Once bitten, twice shy. 

Tell us what cloud storage services you are using.


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