Chitika app

Chitika app

Technology is definitely man's new best friend (the dog has been replaced. lol). Because of technology information is at the tip of our fingers. We don't have look at posters on poles, be handed a flyer or stumble upon a sponsored post on Facebook. Yep! Chitika App has everything in one place.

What is Chitika App?

Chitika App is an events app, which advertises events happening around the different cities and towns of Zambia. Chitika creates a platform for users to view different events happening around in the palm of their hands and in one place.


What inspired you to create the app?

Uhmm money, (laughs). But the direct inspiration to develop Chitika came from the fact that, I and my partner Takondwa Makawa while in University had missed quite a number of events. Amongst the things we missed was an I.T. competition that would have done so much for us if only we knew about it earlier. We were not aware as school used to get really involving and searching through social media or the internet for events was really time consuming. But regardless of the reason missing out on that competition really got to us down, this forced us to start thinking of solutions to such problems and just like that, Chitika was born. Basically we created Chitika App to ensure that nobody ever misses out on an event simply because they didn’t know about it.


What would you like people to know about Chitika?

Chitika App is a local product, designed for the Zambian market. It’s a one of a kind innovation in Zambia, not the first though but we are confident it’s the best of its kind. Our app gives our users an organized way to keep track of all events happening in their area. Our list of events is not just centered around entertainment, we cover everything from business seminars and workshops to FIFA tournaments, as long as it’s a public event, we’ll have it listed.

Chitika App also allows event planners to have their events listed on to the app at no cost whatsoever. This free and very simple form of advertising gives their event a much needed head start especially if their target audience is already amongst our growing number of users.

The app is quiet easy to use so for more details just download the it and you’re sorted. For the event organisers, Chitika app is growing, the time to get aboard the Chitika App-ship is now. Be the coolest in your squad, download the app and share.


What challenges are you facing?

The usual challenges that startups face, that is, the finances, support and marketing help. Also the Zambian app scene hasn’t been one that is favorable for developers but slowly things are changing. More support from successful Zambian tech companies is also needed because it’s from them that start-ups like us could learn a lot about the business side of technology. Another challenge that I think is faced by most tech companies is that if you’re not based in Lusaka, it’s hard to get any technical support and mentorship.


Anything you would like to add on?

To our current users, thank you for your loyalty over the past one year we have been active. I can assure you of more new exciting features to come and a better User Interface (what the app looks like) in the future. For our event organisers, partners and those to come, plans to roll out to the iOS (Apple) platform are in place. Get in touch and get your event numbers sky-rocketing.


Thank you so much Dalitso.

 Now you have no excuse to miss an event. If you are like me and never know what's happening, then go to Play Store  and download the app. You can also like their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter and Instagram.





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